What is the Difference Between Printed and woven labels
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What is the Difference Between Printed and woven labels What is the Difference Between Printed and woven labels

If you are wondering what which type of fabric labels is best for your brand, here we have outlined the main features of the printed vs wеaved labels





Printed vs

1. Specs - By it’s best quality the graphic appears sharp and the colors are vivid. There is larger palette of colors to choose from with possibilities to mix colors and print gradients. Also allows more detailed visualisation for smaller elements and fonts.
The print matches 100% the original design.

2. Resistance - Your printed label can be washing resistant for many washes if the producer uses quality fabrics and inks

3. Production Time - Printed labels are fast to produce and so convenient for last minute order.

4. Price - lower price and ability for lower quantity offer.

5. Materials - By the printed labels you can have much wider option of materials to choose from. link




1. Specs - The colors are more toned down and you have less colors to choose from. The simple vector logos look better than the complex design when applied on woven label.
You can’t add gradients on woven labels. The print matches 98% the original design.

2. Resistance - Woven Labels tend to be more durable over a long period of time.

3. Production Time - woven labels take longer time to produce.

4. Price - higher cost and higher minimum quantity order in comparing to the printed labels

5. Materials - by the woven labels you can choose from Satin, Taffeta or Damask and the detailed visualisation depends on the thread count. Higher tread count means sharper image.

Evaluation - Both type of labels can be at good quality if the producer is chosen carefully. If you choose woven labels prepare to pay more and wait longer. Overall the woven labels are usually a choice for Logo labels and Brand Labels with simpler design. However printed labels are suitable for every project.

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