Carpet and iron-on labels supplied by KING LABELS
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 Carpet and iron-on labels supplied by KING LABELS Carpet and iron-on labels supplied by KING LABELS

Carpet iron-on labels supplied by KING LABELS  give you the chance to communicate to your customers in an elegant and permanent way. carpet labels, mattress labels, can be attached without stitching just by ironing the label down, and with their permanent adhesives, cannot be removed after they are attached. Unlike hang tags, stickers, or other methods, a beautiful carpet label will be part of the item for years to come. Use our carpet labels to brand your product, provide a manufacturing history for the consumer, mark colour, range and pile, or simply for in-house inventory purposes. Whatever you need, KING Labels are ready to handle your carpet iron-on label needs.
Iron-on labels can be almost any size or shape, and in almost any colour. Our stock types include matt paper and a satin-like material. Use the Matt Thick paper iron-on labels for a smooth surface upon which to write. Use the Satin material to enhance the visual appeal of the label. You can get your labels on sheets, rolls or even die-cut in fancy shapes.
Digitally Printed Iron-On Labels
With Digitally printed iron-on labels you get quicker turn around on your order, no film or plate charges, the ability to change artwork with minimal costs and a more cost effective solution for smaller quantities.
Carpet Pressure Sensitive labels
Carpet Pressure Sensitive labels are easier to apply to the carpet backing since they have a special pressure sensitive adhesive to stick to the back of carpet samples and rugs. Just peel away the backing paper and press them to the carpet backing. No ironing is necessary

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