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Label Materials


There are many aspects to be considered when placing an order. One of them is to choose the material of your label. On this page you will find categorised some useful information about the main materials we offer. We have Oeko-tex® 100 certified materials and therefore suitable for baby and children's clothes as well as for underwear and lingerie.




The Satin Fabrics are considered to be suitable for clothing and high-end fabric products because of the soft feel and the gloss luxurous effect. The typical weave comes in a white or black base however there is an option where the base could be coloured upon request. In the cases where the design fully covers tha background it may lead to loosing the sheen of the material. This is why, although you don't have restrictions on the desgn decisions,we recommend you to avoid the entire covering with ink. The different satin we offer includes fabrics with features applicable for variety of occasions. The range will cover the most common needs for clothing labels, kids labels, labels for different home textiles etc.


In White



  • Polyester Satin HD - Oeko-tex® 100 Class 1
  • Polyester Satin HD coated - Oeko-tex® 100 Class 1
  • Polyester Satin_white - Oeko-tex® 100 Class 1
  • Polyester Satin no optical brighteners - Oeko-tex® 100 Class 1
  • Polyester Satin double face - Oeko-tex® 100 Class 1
  • Polyester Satin coated - Oeko-tex® 100 Class 1
  • Polyester Satin Matte - Oeko-tex® 100 Class 1
  • Polyester Satin Matte no optical brighteners - Oeko-tex® 100 Class 1
  • Woven edge Polyester Satin double face - Oeko-tex® 100 Class 1
  • Polyester Satin Self-Adhesive


In Black

  • Polyester Satin - Oeko-tex® 100 Class 2
  • Woven edge Polyester Satin double face - Oeko-tex® 100 Class 2
  • Polyester Satin double face


Other Colours
We offer print on different colours upon request


Taffeta is a crisp smooth woven fabric with special coating. Some of the taffeta materials have great surface smoothness allowing a good detailed print visualisation. Being a more affordable choice, taffeta labels are recommended for cases, when the label will be disposed from the consumer. Widely used in the textile industry as a budget choice for care labels, brand labels, special instruction labels. There is also a higher demand for home textile products where the labels are used to display required information in many languages, for example IKEA labels.

In White


  • Nylon Taffeta - Oeko-tex® 100 Class 1
  • Polyester Taffeta - Oeko-tex® 100 Class 1
  • Acetate Taffeta - Oeko-tex® 100 Class 1
  • Nylon Taffeta no optical brighteners
  • Nylon Taffeta
  • Nylon Taffeta Self-Adhesive


In Black

  • Polyester Taffeta - Oeko-tex® 100 Class 2


We use 100% cotton fabrics for printing labels. They typically come in natural and white colour. This fabric is preferred for special eco-friendly and natural products. They are easy to sew on and give this feeling of natural eco product. The herringbone weave is preferred for edgy urban style design and it could be applied as individual labels as well as decorating ribbon.


  • Cotton coated natural colour - Oeko-tex® 100 Class 1
  • Cotton coated white - Oeko-tex® 100 Class 1
  • Cotton Herringbone Beige
  • Cotton Herringbone Black
  • Cotton Herringbone White

Polyester is a synthetic fibre, typically used for low budget projects in the fashion and textile industries. The variations we offer are plain black and white and microfibre. They have lower density but at the same time are very soft and light. The design printed on this material should be simple, mostly consisting of logos and text. The microfibre polyester is used effectively as a piping trim ribbon for duvets and blankets with a customized logo design.


  • Polyester Plain white
  • Polyester Plain black
  • Polyester Microfibre white

Paper & Synthetic Materials & THEIR FEATURES

We print on different type of materials such as paper, cardboard, tyvek, polypropylene, self-adhesive materials etc. The thickness and the finish of the materials could vary depending on your request, however we are always here to recommend the best solution for your case.

Tyvek is a synthetic material with high-density polyethylene fibres. The material is strong and difficult to tear apart but easy to cut with scissors. The application on tyvek as a label is common. The labels made from this material can be sewed on or used as a hang tag. The smooth surface allows high quality coloured print. The material is approved for IKEA labels.  The standard tyvek we offer is with 75 gr/m2 weight.

We offer offset print on paper labels used for hang tags. The maximum weight we print on is 400 gr/m2. We can print on different textured paper according your wish. The size and the form can be customised upon request.

Polypropylene is a plastic material. These labels are moisture resistant and used where the environment is not suitable for standard paper labels. The most common type are the thermal transfer polypropylene labels. They are self-adhesive and typically applied on plastic products in different industries. We offer printed polypropylene labels in different sizes, colours and shapes.

We print on Self-adhesive materials such as Satin, Taffeta, Polypropylene and Paper. The self-adhesive satin and taffeta are an alternative to the sewed on labels and preferred for home textile products. The Paper and Polypropylene materials we offer are widely used on any manufactured goods as stick on labels to display important information for the product. They can be also used as a brand labels, showing the logo and the contact details of the company. We print customized labels on self adhesive materials with high quality.