> Sew-on Fabric Carpet Labels
Sew-on Fabric Carpet Labels

Sew-on Fabric Carpet Labels: Customizable, Durable, & Stylish Printing Options

Sew-on(Non-adhesive) fabric labels for carpets are produced with different types of PVC, resin, etc. in two models, matte and glossy, and with the ability to print digitally and offset. They can be designed and printed in various color combinations.

The most important feature of this type of label is its ability to be sewn. These types of labels can be used in the machine-made carpet, mattress, flooring, shoe, clothing, and other industries.

The most important features of these types of labels include :

  • Water resistance
  • Tear resistance
  • Ability to design and print in various color combinations
  • Ability to print die-cut, flock, gold stamping, etc.
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