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Self-adhesive labels for Carpet labels and Mattress labels 
Self-adhesive crystal satin fabric labels for Car

This label is made from the best and the most high quality fabrics. When you remove the protective paper on the adhesive side, you can stick this label on the objects you have in mind. One of the most important characteristics of this kind of label is its high adhesiveness. This kind of label can be used in the industries of: hand-made carpet, mattresses, , shoes, clothing, etc.

Our company follows the Technology closely and tries to supply your bed labels with the top quality and as soon as possible.


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    Sergio Cucè1/8/2017 8:03:20 PM
    Hello, i work in handmade carpet. I need adhesive labels for handmade carpets. Can you sell me these adhesive labels?
    I need information about it

    Sergio Cucè
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