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Demotex Türkiye 2019 Exhibition

Demotex Turkey 2019: King Labels Makes a Bold Impression

DOMOTEX 2019, a leading international trade fair for the carpet and floor covering industry, unfolded in Gaziantep, Turkey from June 4th to 7th, 2019. This prestigious event served as a global platform for companies to showcase their latest innovations, and King Labels Company, a prominent Iranian manufacturer of labels and label printers, seized the opportunity to make a significant presence.

King Labels: A Hub of Expertise

King Labels’ booth attracted considerable attention from visitors. Their team of experts, renowned for their knowledge in SATIN labeling solutions, provided valuable consultations on selecting and printing the most suitable labels for various carpets, mattresses, and related products. This personalized approach and in-depth expertise solidified King Labels’ position as a leader in labeling solutions within the industry.

A Comprehensive Product Portfolio

King Labels caters to diverse labeling needs with a comprehensive product range, including:

  • Carpet Labels: King Labels’ carpet labels boast a remarkable variety of designs, colors, and exceptional durability, ensuring they withstand the test of time and seamlessly complement your carpets.
  • Mattress Labels: Crafted from a wide range of materials like fabric and paper, King Labels’ mattress labels offer easy attachment through sewing or adhering, providing clear and lasting product information.
  • Iron-on Labels: King Labels simplifies labeling with their convenient iron-on labels, allowing for effortless application directly onto carpets using the heat of an iron.
  • Label Printers: King Labels empowers businesses with on-site label printing capabilities through their diverse range of label printers, catering to various production needs.
Beyond Products: Unwavering Customer Commitment

King Labels’ commitment extends beyond exceptional products. They prioritize superior quality, ensuring long-lasting durability across their entire label range. Additionally, they offer competitive pricing, catering to diverse budgets. Most importantly, their exceptional after-sales service exemplifies their dedication to complete customer satisfaction.

DOMOTEX 2019: A Launchpad for Global Expansion

King Labels’ participation at DOMOTEX 2019 proved to be a strategic move. It provided a valuable platform to expand their market reach, forge new partnerships with international businesses, and solidify their position as a leading labeling solutions provider.

King Labels: The Epitome of Labeling Excellence

King Labels, the Middle East’s preeminent manufacturer of thermal carpet and mattress labels, is renowned for its unwavering commitment to innovation. They continuously strive to deliver cutting-edge labeling solutions that cater to the ever-evolving needs of their customers. Their dedication to quality, innovation, and customer service has cemented their position as the benchmark for labeling excellence in the region.

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