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International Machine Carpet Exhibition 2022

2022 International Machine Carpet Exhibition: A Hub of Innovation and Tradition

The 14th International Machine Carpet Exhibition convened a vast assembly of industry leaders, showcasing the dynamism and global reach of this sector. The event served as a premier platform for unveiling the latest trends and products in machine-made carpets, fostering partnerships, and exchanging ideas.

A Tapestry of Design

Diversity and innovation were on display, with machine-made carpets boasting intricate designs in classic and modern styles. Vibrant and calming color palettes catered to every taste, while captivating fantasy carpets and playful children’s designs added to the awe-inspiring variety.

King Labels: Your One-Stop Solution for Labeling Innovation

King Labels, a leading manufacturer of high-quality thermal labels, marked their presence as a beacon of progress. Their commitment to cutting-edge printing technologies and environmental sustainability underscored their position as a forward-thinking leader within the machine carpet industry.

Beyond Commerce: A Cultural Celebration

The exhibition transcended mere commercial transactions, offering a platform to celebrate Iranian culture and art. Dedicated booths provided an immersive experience, allowing visitors to delve into the intricate art of traditional hand-woven carpets, from the various weaving stages to the symbolic motifs that embody their authenticity.

A Global Gathering

The significant presence of international and domestic visitors echoed the industry’s allure. Traders and businesspersons from across the globe converged to discover the latest innovations and designs, solidifying business deals and fostering partnerships.

A Legacy Endures

The 2022 International Machine Carpet Exhibition served as a powerful reminder of the enduring legacy of Iranian carpets as a cherished art form. The exhibition provided a valuable platform to share this exquisite craft with the world and bolster the export of Iran’s machine-made carpets.

Key Highlights:

  • Over 500 domestic and foreign companies from 15 countries showcased their expertise.
  • Groundbreaking design trends and products in machine-made carpets were unveiled.
  • King Labels presented their advancements in label printing technology.
  • Educational workshops and seminars fostered knowledge sharing.
  • Widespread acclaim from a vast audience of domestic and international visitors.

The King Labels products include:

  • Carpet Labels
  • Mattress Labels
  • Ironing Labels
  • Label Printers: Featuring cutting-edge technology, King Labels’ printers streamline the label printing process, ensuring efficiency and user-friendliness.

King Labels: The leading manufacturer of thermal labels for carpets and mattresses in the Middle East

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