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Mattress Labels coated with PVC
Mattress Labels coated with Hot-Melt Glue
Carpet Labels coated with Hot-Melt Glue
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We have over 18 years of fabric label experience since our company was founded in 1999. We offer a range of fabric labels such as carpet labels,mattress labels,online along with a range of services to suit all clients whether it’s for custom fabric labels, carpet labels, mattress labels,clothing labels, swing tags or woven labels. We make sure to provide our clients with a range of fabric labels available online which can be manufactured in small or large quantities. We also offer printed fabric labels giving you an opportunity to enhance your product. Our printed labels make great personalized fabric labels for carpet , mattress ,clothes, wash care information on furniture as well as any other variable data offering a more economical method. Now according to the obtained technology, importation of machines and the best raw material of the world with SGS international standards from countries which specialize in this field, it is capable of providing all the services and advertisement related to machine-made carpets and mattresses factories and other institutes and factories

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In order to facilitate the process of ordering carpet labels,mattress labels,care labels, design arpet labels,mattress labels,care labels, production, printing arpet labels,mattress labels,care labels, sending and the financial process of the orders, King Labels presents the above-mentioned steps in the form of a complete website with the aid of a professional and experienced team. King Labels portal gives you the option to do all the steps related to the order through...
Label expo Americas 2016

Label expo Americas 2016

Breaking all previous records, the 15th edition of Labelexpo Americas saw 17,407 label and package printing professionals descend on Rosemont’s Donald E -

Mattress Labels coated with PVC


Self-adhesive labels for Carpet labels and Mattress labels


Mattress Labels coated with Hot-Melt Glue


Carpet Labels coated with Hot-Melt Glue


Care Labels


Carpet Band roll and Cover


shoes label


Weaving Labels


Digitally Printed Carpet Labels

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King Labels provides labeling solutions for carpet and mattress manufacturers

Carpet and mattress manufacturers need a label that adheres well, is durable and has a low cost per unit. King Labels has a range of adhesives for a variety of carpet types. for carpet labels, mattress labels , Iron on labels .Our team will pair the proper label material with the right adhesive creating a long lasting label that will not fade or scuff.  More ..


Here we explain what is the process from the enquiry to the delivery of your Custom carpet Printed Labels and mattress labels,We have put together all the information we need in order to give you an accurate quote. You can email us the filled form plus any additional related files on [email protected]   More ..

Digitally Printed Iron-on Labels


1-Digitally Printed Labels quicker turn around.
2-No Film or Plate charges
3-Change your labels artwork with minimal cost.
4-Short runs are more cost effective

We have a full color digital printing facility to imprint sheets for our customers who want to reprint those in their inkjet and laser printers. .



We have experienced graphic designers who are well-acquainted with all the latest trends and design innovations. 
They will help you, whether you need your artwork done from scratch or you just need to refresh an old design and add a professional touch to it. We have simplified the process for your convenience. Please see our recommendations below before sending your files for printing...



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Carpet iron-on labels give you the chance to communicate to your customers in an elegant and permanent way. They can be attached without stitching just by ironing the label down, and with their permanent adhesives, cannot be removed after they are attached. Unlike hang tags, stickers, or other methods, a beautiful carpet label will be part of the item for years to come. Use our carpet labels to brand your product, provide a manufacturing history for the consumer, mark color, range and pile, or simply for in-house inventory purposes. Whatever you need, KING LABELS Printing stands ready to handle your carpet iron-on label needs.

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Up to six colors

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